Hi! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to install Lightroom Mobile presets into the app call (Lightroom Mobile) without using the desktop version. You will be able to save them as presets and apply them with one click anytime you want without having to be confused about how to edit your photos to be good. 

If you already have the desktop version of Lightroom, you can simply sync your presets between Lightroom Desktop and Mobile. 

But if you want to download Lightroom mobile presets straight to your phone and use them on the free app without going through the desktop version, you can do it directly on your phone. It's simple, and need one second to do it! 

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, check out our latest custom Desktop and Mobile presets here. 
With this new collection of Lightroom presets, even MOBILE USERS can now use presets to create gorgeous professional edits from their digital devices. No matter if your photos were taken with a phone or DSLR, your images would look beautiful.

How To Install Lightroom Mobile Presets
IOS and Android available 

Step 1: Download the DNG files to your phone
Mobile presets come in a DNG file format. If you buy some presets with premium quality it will come in ZIP format. 
Note: If your presets are in XMP or lrtemplate format, they are for Lightroom Desktop, not Mobile. 

Before you download the presets, you must enter the password to download the file. You can get the password by seeing the video on our youtube.

The password has 4 digits; the password will appear like this in the upper right corner. It will come in 2 different numbers. So you must combine it to download the DNG file.

For example : (1) Pass : 11xx
                           (2) Pass : xx22

So, the password you must type is "1122". Make sure you follow the video and don't skip it because the card can't show when you skip or fast play.

When you already get the password. You can get the preset link website that already available in every video description. Write down the password and click GO!

And voila! Your step is almost done. You will see this filename appear along with the download icon.
Click the download icon and save the DNG file to your phone.
Step 2: Import preset files into Lightroom Mobile 
At this point, you should have all of your DNG files saved to your phone, either in your camera roll or launch it directly. After that, if you already save it to your phone, now you just need to add them to Lightroom mobile and work it on your photos.

If you already download your presets. It will pop out like this. Now you can click "More".

First Step : You can save it as a picture - Tap the Save Image button.

If you go into your photostream and see them as blank picture files, don’t be alarmed – that’s how they should look. 

Then, open your Lightroom Mobile App to launch your DNG photo files.
Tap on the Add Photos button in the lower right corner

If you downloaded your DNG files and save them to files, select From Files and search the location files, you already save. If you downloaded and saved it to your photos gallery, Select From Camera Roll.

Second Step : You can directly open the DNG file without saving it to your phone with Lightroom Mobile App.

Step 3: Copy Settings as Presets
At this point, you should have all of your DNG files imported into Lightroom Mobile. Locate the files and open one of them inside the app.

Open the DNG files that already import to Lightroom App. Tap on the 3 dots (...) icon at the top right

After that, choose the Copy Settings - to copy our presets settings to your photos.

When you hit the copy settings button, all the settings will automatically pop out - Hit the "check" button to copy all settings to your clipboard.

It will pop out the word "Settings copied to Clipboard," - That's mean you have successfully copied all DNG settings to your keyboard.

Step 4: Using your Copied Presets on Lightroom Mobile
To use your presets that already copied on your keyboard, just go back into your library and open any photo you’d like to edit.

If you already open your photo - Tap on the 3 dots (...) icon at the top right again

The last step - just hit the Paste Settings button to your photos.

And, Voila! You're done!

NOTE: All presets are base on your photo - light or dark is affect in terms of applying the presets. We have tips for you to change it if your photo has a situation like that.

Two tools that you need to remember are :

EXPOSURE = adjust the lightness of the photo
WHITE BALANCE = adjust photo tone


Please contact us if you have any questions or requests. We're happy to welcome you!